In 2019, Kalbra went huge, selecting 8/8 objectives as part of our Pilot Research license for Industrial Hemp growth in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania!
Some of those objectives included:
  • Studying the hemp strain varieties currently accepted for previous "Seed Certification" objectives.
  • Studying the soil native to Pennsylvania, and how that soil accepted different varieties of seed under state certification
  • Measuring the variable change from outdoor cultivation, to indoor for those selected varieties of Seed
  • Developing our own genetics as part of the state's ongoing seed certification program
  • Studying Pennsylvania's market acceptance of CBD products

We nailed it!! And, We're growing...all because of people like YOU!!
We Broke Ground in February, on a new farm, in a state Kali was very familiar with -- In Bucks County, PA, god's country, we set out to develop a 23 Acre plot of fallow ground, both for outdoor cultivation, as well as, multiple 3000sqft greenhouses, with some room for indoor growth, and mother-plant propagation, as we began to execute the master plan -- involve family, keep the hiring to local, farm-raised horticulturists, and arborists, and hyper-focus in on our objectives, and exceed expectations, in less than 1 full season...
What a wild ride 2019 had in store for us!! Perfect soil, prevailing temperatures and precipitation, and a hard-working crew, helped us dial-in record setting results!! 21% CBD content in some of our weaker, under performing strain varieties, planted with the most simple methods...
...Never mind what we were able to accomplish with selected variable cultivation, proper nutrient cycles, and IPM(integrated pest management), for our stronger Phenos.
To study the retail market's acceptance of the products we put into development, we opened a Flagship retail outlet in Whitehall, PA. For 3 months during our stay, we consistently changed price points, labeling structure, formulations, to meet the growing demand of the population; specifically, the educational demands in a market surrounded by stigma. We left knowing that any new establishment would have to be designed in a very specific fashion, and not as a "pop-up." Pennsylvanians wanted longevity and trust, more transparency, and a feeling of community from their providers...
Well, the results are in, and we're here to Stay!! Having successfully grown, harvested, and processed more than 25,000 fully matured, fully compliant hemp plants, Kalbra is looking forward to 2020! We're excited to expand our line of CBD products in a new FDA-compliant, cGMP, cGLP, ISO/IEC 17025:2005, facility, and return to the original objective of helping 25 million people through the cannabis plant, by providing forward-thinking products that works for the everyday consumer, and new consumers alike.
We'll be taking opportunities to get more involved in the day to day lives of those that live and breathe with the help of Kalbra by participating in local charity events, veteran's assistance, and special needs programs that fill our hearts with warm smiles of those that benefit from what we can create through influence.
Most of all, we want to thank you for participating in our growth in 2019. Without you, we wouldn't be moving forward with the same passion and motivation as we began.
Stay tuned as we update this page with photos and results from our 2019 Pilot Program. Expect to see planting photos, planting maps, blueprints for greenhouse design and upkeep, as well as, a full harvest report from our Bucks County farm!