Hey Everyone, Brandon Here!!

So, Last Year Was Epic, Right? We Grew a Tremendous Amount of Quality Cannabis in Pennsylvania, and With Your Help, Our Online Store is Successfully Moving Those Products Developed from our Hemp, Making a Huge Impact in Communities Across the Globe. This Message Might Not Be for Everyone and I'll Accept the Consequences Should it Deter a Purchase in the Future.

Growing Up, I Thought I Could Rap...Maybe...One Day...Because, You Know, Options, Right? Anyway, I Think If I Ever Did Rap, It Would Be Something Like What Goes On In the Video Shoot We Got Involved In.

Split, A Local Artist, Well Known In the Hip-Hop Genre, Has Graced the Stage with the Likes of Tech N9ne, Madchild, Slaine, Kottonmouth Kings, Immortal Technique, Gravediggaz, and Diabolic, and He Happened to Know Someone Who Worked for Kalbra. He Asked if He Could Film in the Warehouse as We Cured...This Video Is the Result. I Feel Like I've Successfully Had my 15 Minutes in the Rap Game by Providing the Product.

All Jokes Aside, Split is a Great Guy, Funny and Inspiring to Listen to, And This Video and Song Content Immediately Touched My Heart. Some Will Get it, Some Will Not

Enjoy. Don't Lose a Lung.