What is CBD?

Ways CBD Can Help You This Winter

The winter season brings cooler weather, comfort foods, and the holidays. But it can also bring with it sickness, dry skin, and increased aches and pains. Give your body the extra TLC it needs during the winter months by incorporating CBD into your wellness routines. 

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How To Make Your Own CBD Advent Calendar

With the holidays quickly approaching, you might be looking for a fun way to incorporate CBD into the winter season. Why not try a homemade CBD Advent calendar? It makes a great gift for someone, or fun and useful decoration for your own home!

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How Much CBD Should I Take The First Time?

You heard all about CBD and its potential benefits of lowered inflammation, pain relief, and sleep and mood support. You are ready to try it but are not sure where to start. Have no fear...we gathered information to help you decipher how much CBD you should take the first time and the best product for you. 

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How Does CBD Oil Help Combat Anxiety?

It could be an understatement to say that this year has been a little… anxiety-producing. While it’s normal to have some worries in your life, a consistent state of anxiety could result in health issues. Not to mention, no one likes to feel riddled with anxiety. Check out how CBD oil could help to calm your nerves. 

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How Long Does It Take For CBD To Work?

You might be interested in taking CBD oil for a better night of sleep. Or you are interested in its potential anti-anxiety relieving properties and plan to take it before a speaking engagement. Regardless of your reasoning, one thing is for sure: it's essential to know how long it takes for CBD to work so you can take it at the right time!

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Will CBD Show Up In A Drug Test?

If you are interested in trying CBD but are not sure if it will show up on a drug test, this article is for you! CBD is extracted from the same plant as THC (cannabis or hemp), but it doesn’t have the same psychoactive properties or legal connotations. Read on to find out more information about CBD and drug testing.

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