Happy World Environment Day

Happy World Environment Day

Did you know June 5th is World Environment Day?  

We only have one planet so today's post will be short and sweet and is dedicated to a few small things you can do to help make the world a better place for future generations to come! We're all in this together.

  1. Make a meal plan
  2. Start relying on reusable containers.
  3. Start composting. 
  4. Learn to repair rather than discard. 
  5. Cancel unnecessary mail. 

Another thing I love to do is reuse my old Kalbra containers for new storage! Personally, I like to portion out extra homemade Vanilla or Mint extract into my cleaned out bottles! It’s a small way you can that you can help to do your part to cut waste in the world. 

 These things listed above may seem like no brainers, but it's okay to acknowledge sometimes we don’t consciously think about the small ways we can make better changes for ourselves and the planet, but we can all be mindful moving forward on ways we can do our part!

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I'll be back on Monday with a BRAND NEW recipe for you to try!