Game night snacks!

Game night snacks!

Hi Guys!

Pausing my adventuring out with Kalbra for a minute to drop you some snack ideas for game nights! (Any night really, but game nights are the best!)

Weekly game nights have become a tradition, and besides my amazing pretzel recipe we have emailed you about, that i made EVERY week, I love mixing in fun new snacks when it my turn to host as well! Big shout out to Cards Against Humanity, I have EVERY expansion, and it never fails to make everyone belly laugh and just have a great night, with everything stressful going on in the world, its great to have these nights to just kick back and have some extremely inappropriate humored fun!

Firstly, this is one EVERY one always loves: CBD infused chocolates! This is so simple, I barely need to break down the instructions here!

-Find a mold you like (you can grab sticks too at any local craft store, if you would like to turn them into lollipops!

- Buy your favorite bag of meltable chocolate: the easiest way to melt is in the microwave, taking out every 30 seconds to give a good stir until it is completely melted and in liquid form.

- Add 5 Drops of either our Mint ot Strawnana Tincture in your preferred strength and stir in well! 

- Pour into mold, let set and then ENJOY! That's it, Ta-da!



Onto one of my most favorite Go-To's: CBD Infused butter! This works for SOO many recipes, that all I am going to say on this matter is, melt butter, add in 3 or 4 drops of your favorite tincture flavor and strength, stir in and pour over popcorn or, some amazing soft pretzels for an added "Wow" factor! (I always work with Full Spectrum, but here to remind you about our amazing line of T-Free oils as well that work in all my recipe ideas!)

I can't wrap up this blog without reminding you again, if you haven't tried our new lollipops or mini hard candies: What are you waiting for?? I LOVE having this on hand to offer guests, with so many delicious flavors, everyone will find something they love.


And there we have my little tricks for being an extra good hostess for game nights! If you try any of these ideas please hit us up on Facebook or Instagram, we love seeing you guys following along with our recipes, tips or tricks!

See you Friday, for a brand new post!


Happy Gaming!