Dinner and Drinks?

Dinner and Drinks?

Hey guys!

Today's an easy one, going to give you a dinner and drink recipe that is perfect for any summer night! Even though we aren't out and about at restaurants the way we are used to, it doesn't mean you can't have the perfect meal at home!

First off, lets talk Steak, mashed potatoes & green beans...and how out Mint tincture perfectly infuses into butter to be drizzled on ALL of these foods! Yum.

Let's get right into it.


My simple, referred seasoning method is: Minced garlic, salt and pepper to taste, cooked to preferred temperature, and let rest for 5 minutes. Easy breezy.

To include my CBD infused trick, it's all about the  B U T T E R. 

Melt Butter and minced garlic in a pan or cast iron skillet, add 4-5 droppers of our Mint Tincture, melt, add steak and you are ready to roll! (if you prefer grill cooking, simply drizzle the melted butter on top!)

As far as Mashed potatoes and veggies, this method translates to ANY preferred recipe you have, simply add in your infused butter and impress (and relax!) your guests!

Bonus shot for you to really see our beautiful, multi-use elixir.

Lets talk drinks. We all know about Cosmos (Thanks, Sex and the city!) But here's a really fun, updated version with a CBD twist you will want to give a try!

While I am generally a red wine girl, these hot summer months totally make me switch gears to refreshing cocktails, so I am super excited to give you this one!


1.5 Oz of Cucumber Mint Vodka

1.5 Oz of Triple Sec

1 Oz of Cranberry Juice

1-2 droppers of Mint Tincture

A Splash of lime Juice

Shaken, and poured over glass with ice!

Perfect for hot summer days, and updated from the old Cosmo you thought you knew!

If you give these a try, comment or tag us on Facebook or Instagram, we would love to see!

There we have it for today's blog, coming Friday I have been working on a fun one for you all: things for you to do this summer, see you then!