CBD Smoothies to jump start your day!

CBD Smoothies to jump start your day!


Today's an easy one! Let's head into the weekend with this quick, simple post to change your energy levels for the WHOLE day, by just add 2 droppers of tincture to your favorite smoothie recipes, or like I am using here, the awesome, pre-made and delivered right to your door, Revive Superfoods

So many choices and does all the mixing and dicing for me, #win!

This recipe really doesn't need much explaining, what better way to kick start day then blending up some delicious fruits and veggies, and adding CBD to aid in your over all well being?

This is what I do when I want to stay sharp and focused ALL day long. The energy and benefits you feel from starting your day right (don't forget to put something in your belly! Preferably not too sugary so you don't crash!) will keep your energy up keep you alert, and avoid that "2pm feeling". #protip

Opted for Hint of Mint today, YUM

Add the liquid of your choice! I opted for 2% Milk today.

And then add your dropper or 2 of tincture. (Mint today of course, to compliment the already minty flavor!)

Add to blender. (Here is a nice shot of all the goodness in the cup! Blend until smooth.

Pour into cup and ENJOY and reap the benefits of this power packed breakfast all day long.

What's your favorite smoothie recipe or brand? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram! As always, see you Monday for a brand new post,


Cheers, guys!