CBD Chocolate Frogs!

CBD Chocolate Frogs!

Hello and happy Friday!

Wanted to bring it back and hit you with a fun and easy infusion today! I am gearing up for a lot of autumn recipes I am excited to share (Cinnamon cheese cake! Spicy Butternut Squash soup!) So I thought everyone would appreciate a no-brainer recipe today! But for those who love all things Harry Potter (yes, I saved my box from a real chocolate frog from Harry Potter World) this is the recipe for you today! (I also have a crazy good Butterbeer recipe that tastes just as it did in the park, so perhaps that's something I should share with everyone this autumn as well! hmm.

Also a reminder for those who like to follow along but struggle to actually make the recipes, as far as candy goes, Kalbra has you covered with CBD infused: Chocolates, Hard Candies and Lollipops...Just a click away, and no clean up required!

But let's get into it! (P.S. I found this chocolate frog mold on Amazon for those who will wonder!)

I opted for "Cocoa" chocolate melts today, found at Michael's craft store, that promised an extra smooth and creamy finish, and it delivered! But any melt-able chocolate will work!

the fastest method is: melt chocolate in 30 second intervals in the microwave, stirring and repeating until it is smooth!

Add your preferred Tincture (2/3 droppers full should do!) and stir in well.

Pour into mold and allow to harden! (Put it in the fridge for faster cooling time!) remove, and gently pop your finished frogs out!

There we have it! Creamy, delicious chocolates to kick off Candy Season! Do you have a favorite candy mold you use? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram! and I will see you Monday for a brand new dessert post!