CBD and your morning coffee!

CBD and your morning coffee!

Happy Friday, Guys!

I wanted to do this coffee blog post today, so you kick off your next work week with these tips in mind.

As you know if you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, we are coffee lovers over at Kalbra. So as self proclaimed experts on all things coffee, I'm going to hit you with a couple ways to improve your morning cup!

(Me, definitely on my second cup, and Kali, as she's pregnant, is still enjoying coffee but in a much more moderate amount, as recommended)

So here's an easy one, right off the bat!

Brew your favorite cup of coffee, grab your favorite mug, (There I am above with Beacon, NY's local theater's mug, Story Screen!) then add one dropper of your favorite flavor and strength tincture into your coffee, stir in and enjoy! This works for ANY way you enjoy coffee, and the reason we love taking our daily dose this way is because, it helps combat those coffee jitters we all fall victim to, which can increase anxiety, and we certainly do not need or want that! But a fun fact for coffee lovers: The aroma of coffee has been proven to have calming affects on the mind, but too much coffee can ruin that (oops)

(Me, every day.)

My second tip is another favorite of mine, and one we've told you about before, CBD Coconut bombs!

So the benefits of coconut oil is widely known, adding CBD to the recipe before dropping it into your coffee is an extra punch your morning needs!


1. Pick a mold you like.

2. Melt a cup of coconut oil on the stove or in the mircowave.

3. Add 2-3 droppers of CBD oil to the melted oil and stir well!

4. Pour into mold and let set in the fridge! (this doesn't take long at all)

5. Pop one out of the mold, put into your fresh, hot vup of coffee, and enjoy as it melts in!

Its so cute!

There we have it! 2 amazing ways to help take the edge off your mornings when either you over do it on your coffee intake, as I frequently do, AND wanted a new way to take your daily dose of CBD so you can just reap the benefits all day long!

Have you tried these tips out? Hit us up on Facebook or Instagram and let us know!

I will be back on monday with a CBD- infused cookie recipe you DON'T want to miss,