Can You Fly On An Airplane With CBD?

Can You Fly On An Airplane With CBD?

Flying can be a tricky experience. You are excited to see family or are looking forward to new work experience, but you are also anxious. In addition to the usual fear of flying, the world's current events may make you want to reach for something to soothe your nerves. CBD would sure come in handy right about now. But can you fly on an airplane with CBD? Let's dig in.

CBD Refresher

What is CBD, and why would you want to bring it on the plane in the first place? CBD is one of the compounds present in both the hemp and marijuana plants. CBD oil is extracted from the plant by using a variety of methods like alcohol extraction, carrier oil extraction, or CO2 extraction. 

CBD became popular after the legalization of the industrial hemp growing in 2018. Now people can enjoy hemp-derived CBD products knowing they are legal on the federal level. Additionally, CBD products could be combined with THC, in which case you want to do your due diligence on its legality in the state where you reside.

People enjoy CBD products because of their reported benefits. CBD could help manage insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation, and even mood-related issues. Because CBD, unlike THC, does not produce a high and doesn't create tolerance or dependency - it is a lot of people's go-to for symptom management. 

Flying with CBD

TSA's rules on what one can and cannot bring on the plane are ever-changing. It is not unusual to hear someone's CBD gummies being confiscated at airport security, even though one can freely buy at a store like Whole Foods. So if you are counting on having access to your CBD treats on that family holiday or stressful work trip, you better plan ahead. 

In trying to keep up with the times, TSA recently updated their travel guidelines to allow transportation of some CBD goods. Epidolex, a CBD derived seizure and epilepsy medication for children is now allowed on board. So are gummies, lotions, balms, edibles, and other hemp-derived CBD products. 

As long as your CBD product was produced by a company compliant with the industrial hemp production law outline in the 2018 Farm Bill, you are good to bring it on the plane. In order to comply with the 2018 Farm Bill, the hemp plant must contain less than .3% of THC.

If you choose to bring a CBD product derived from marijuana, you might find yourself in deep trouble. Marijuana is considered a Schedule I substance and is illegal federally as well as in many individual states. This is true even if the CBD product in question doesn't contain any THC. 


If you happen to be eyeing a CBD and THC combination product, your best bet is leaving it on the store shelf or at home. If discovered, it will most likely be confiscated and result in an unpleasant legal situation. This would be quite the opposite of the zen feeling you were expecting, so staying in the know about CBD and airplane travel is a must!