Are There Any Side Effects To Taking CBD?

Are There Any Side Effects To Taking CBD?

Many people choose CBD over pharmaceutical alternatives. CBD is non-habit-forming and can be used regularly without a need for dose increasing. But are there any side effects to taking CBD, and if so, what are they? Let’s investigate!

CBD Takes The Stage

If you went to a health store and asked for CBD products ten years ago, you would probably be met with a blank stare. This is because CBD made its mainstream market debut relatively recently. CBD is extracted from either marijuana or hemp plants, and until 2018 both of those were illegal. 

This all changed when the 2018 Farm Bill legalized industrial production of hemp and made hemp-derived CBD legal on a federal level. CBD products immediately gained popularity, and many consumers chose CBD instead of over the counter or prescription pharmaceuticals. 

CBD has a wide array of potential benefits. Studies suggest that CBD could help treat inflammation, chronic pain, sleep issues, mood disorders, and even skin problems. One of the biggest draws for CBD is that it comes from a natural source and could address multiple ailments simultaneously. There is a lot of buzz around CBD edibles, lotions, capsules, and tinctures. But what are the adverse effects of CBD, if there are any?

CBD Side Effects

Epidiolex Studies

Epidiolex is the first FDA approved CBD medication for seizures in children. There are perhaps the most significant amount of CBD side effects studies in connection to this medicine. During the trial process, a group of youths between ages 2-14 was prescribed a high CBD dosage for 14 days. 

The study participants most commonly experienced side effects like tiredness, decreased appetite, gastrointestinal problems, and altered liver enzymes. These side effects were mostly experienced at the beginning of rapid dose increase, as the body was getting used to high CBD levels. 

If you find yourself experiencing any of the above mentioned side effects, try lowering your CBD dose and slowly increasing it over a more extended time. 

Subpar CBD Products

Because the CBD market is relatively new, there are not as many regulations as in other spheres. This means that unless you do your research, you could be buying a poor quality CBD product. 

A study performed on different CBD brands found that about 31% of the products were mislabeled. This means that some products contained harmful pesticides and heavy metals from irresponsible farming practices. Other products contained a greater amount of THC than was advertised on the label. And some products had harmful bacteria or mold. 

If a product contains a high amount of THC, you could experience dry mouth, hunger, and altered mood and thinking as side effects. If the products contain pesticides, molds, and heavy metals, you could be in store for some long-lasting adverse effects on your health, so its best to purchase only high-quality hemp-derived CBD products

Consult Your Physician

It is essential to consult your physician if you are taking prescription drugs, have liver complications, low blood pressure, are immuno-compromised, or are pregnant. Individuals with these conditions could experience more severe side effects from taking CBD.